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About Aisa Direct

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About aisa direct

Aisa Direct are a firm of independent financial advisers established in 1998.


The Aisa Direct website is dedicated to providing a low cost execution only service for clients who are clear about the products and services they want, without recourse to specific financial advice.


Without the overheads and costs associated with the provision of individual advice, we are able to forego most of the commission paid by product providers, which means that we can add value by enhancing the terms of the products our clients require.


We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive terms on a range of financial products.


We recognise of course that we aren't infallible in our efforts to do this, so if you do find a more competitive offer elsewhere, or have a suggestion or request for a product or service not currently on our site, then please do let us know.



Andrew Tinsley

Aisa Direct Ltd