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What is discounted life insurance?

Discounted life insurance is when you pay less on your premiums for a life insurance policy arranged through a broker than you would pay if you went direct to the provider, whilst still having exactly the same policy.


Generally speaking cutting out a middleman should reduce the cost of a product, but in particular situations for certain products, the existence of a middleman, a broker such as ourselves, can actually make it cheaper.


The life insurance market is such a case in point.


There are many life insurance companies and one way or another they all pay a commission to life insurance brokers who arrange policies on behalf of a client. If the broker chooses not to take all their commission then that will have the effect of discounting the cost of the cover, or in other words making the monthly premium cheaper than it otherwise would be.


You would normally expect that if you took the policy out by contacting the provider directly yourself they would not have to pay a commission to a broker, and that cost saving for them would be passed onto you.


The reality is that if you take out a policy direct from a provider, they incur the administration costs that would normally be incurred by a broker, so they do not have as much of a saving as you would imagine. Therefore, it is unlikely you would find a discount price on your premiums.


The best way to arrange low cost life insurance cover is to use the services of a broker such as Aisa Direct.


We can arrange your life insurance or critical illness policy with a substantial saving on the premium you would pay every month if you arranged your policy directly with most of the providers in the market.


The best way to find out how much you could save is to ask us for a low cost quote


Our quotes are without obligation and will be sent you by email, if you are interested in proceeding with an application, we'll send you the paperwork you need to arrange your policy.


All our policies are arranged with leading UK life insurance companies.